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5 fun things to do with older people this summer

Posted 6th July 2021

Although the UK has now officially ended the lockdown and opened up once again, many of our older relatives will still be cautious about going out and about into the wider world.
According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), during lockdown, older people were less likely to worry about money or the effect the coronavirus was having on their lives and were more concerned with making sure they were staying in touch with their loved ones. Many were anxious about being unable to make plans and struggled with the challenge of maintaining their mental health whilst isolated.
However, despite not planning many excursions away from home just yet, with more freedom to gather in larger groups, there are plenty of fun things you can do at home with your older relatives to spend quality time together.
Have a picnic
There’s nothing better than sharing good food together. Plan a menu with some of your loved one’s favourite picnic foods, whether it’s a homemade salad, sandwiches, ice cream or even a complete three course meal. Then take your spoils and sit outside to soak up some of the summer weather.
Picnics are a simple, low-cost way to spend quality time together, and often require no travelling at all. You can set up some furniture in the garden, or if your older relative wants to venture a little further afield, maybe try the local park. If you want to social distance from others at the picnic you can, just bring your own food and sit metres apart.
Getting some fresh air can be an amazing way to reset after spending so much time inside, often without much variety of entertainment. Plus, staying at home or in your local area gives you the flexibility to come home at any point, and you can also take advantage of the fridge to keep your drinks cold!
Make the garden or front room a cinema
Going to the cinema will always be a classic pastime. If your older relative or loved one enjoys watching a film, but is unable or not yet comfortable going to the cinema, you can recreate your own one at home. All you will need is a projector – these are very easy to order online, and there are options for budgets of all sizes. Simply connect the projector to a computer and beam a film directly onto a blank wall.
Alternatively, why not make your cinema experience al fresco? Old white tablecloths or bedding make the perfect makeshift screen for an outdoor cinema. Doing this allows the whole family to gather together for a socially-distanced film viewing experience that’s a little special and feels like an event.
Bring high tea to you
If you’re looking for something a bit fancier than a picnic, high tea is the perfect upgrade. There are many options available to order afternoon tea online and for it to be delivered straight to your door. These services include a range of baked goods, sandwiches, jams and teas for any party size, whether you are spending time one on one with an older person or are arranging for a small family get-together. You can also often order afternoon tea for one, so if you are too far away to physically spend time with them, or an older person is still cautious about being around others, you can send high tea to two locations and have it together over Zoom.
Plan a future trip
Sometimes looking to the future is the only distraction we need. If an older person you know is still unsure about leaving their home much, spend some time planning the ultimate day out for when they do feel confident and safe enough to travel outside. Is there a place in their local area they enjoy visiting? Or do they love spending time with lots of family and friends? Putting together a list of all the things they’d like to do will leave you both feeling excited and ready to do things in the future.
Start a book club
Starting a book club is a great way for two or more people to spend time with an older relative or friend. Not only does it always give you something to talk about, it makes sure that you see each other regularly. This can help maintain consistent connections and can be done from anywhere. If the older person you know would rather isolate one week, they can join virtually, and if they are happy meeting in person, book clubs can take place either inside or outside. Plus, it adds an activity that individuals can do by themselves too, and later share as rewarding experience.
It can be difficult to juggle all of your various responsibilities, particularly over the summer holidays. If you’d love to explore some of the ideas above, but are struggling to find the time alongside work or other family commitments, it could be worth exploring whether a live-in carer could help? They can provide a whole host of support services, from personal care through to companionship, meaning that your loved ones can really make the most of the summer months.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the benefits of live-in care.

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