About us

In almost all cases, older people do not want to move into a carehome

About us

A brief history

Our founder, Geoff Baxter, started Devoted to provide Live-in Care after his family struggled to find a proper care home for his gran. The care homes that they looked at were expensive, soul-less, and full of underpaid and disinterested staff.

Devoted has now been helping families find Live-In Care for nearly 10 years and we firmly believe it’s the best care that a person can receive.

We take our responsibility seriously, making sure that only the best carers work with our clients. That’s why only 1 in 8 carers that apply to Devoted are successful.

We all feel safest in our own homes and that’s why Live-In Care is a brilliant alternative to a care home.

Geoff Baxter

When the option of your loved one staying in their own home is so affordable then why would you choose anything else?

Geoff Baxter
Devoted Director

Our purpose

To give every person the opportunity to live independently in their own home.

  • We care
    We’ve been in the same position as you and we understand how it feels. We are here to support you find the best care solution for your loved one and help to maximise their quality of life
  • We're honest
    When you are going through a difficult time, you need straight answers to all the questions. We don’t sugar coat anything and make sure that you are fully informed to make the best decisions for your loved one
  • We listen
    Finding the right carer is about understanding your loved one's needs. We spend time learning about what makes them tick and get the perfect match

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Home is where the heart is

Let’s give back their independence.

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