What is a care plan?

Choosing what is right for you and your loved ones

What is a care plan?

What is a careplan?

A careplan is a document which details what kind of care your loved one will receive from a Devoted Live-in carer. A careplan is a collaborative document. The details of the careplan must be approved by both the family and the carer. This is to ensure the carer is providing exactly the right care at all times.

What's in?

What’s in a care plan?

The care plan should provide all the information on how the person should be cared for to ensure anyone involved is fully briefed.

  • Personal care (washing and dressing)
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Driving to appointments
  • Accompanying a loved one to social events
  • Help with shopping

Why is a careplan important?

Every client has a different set of needs, requirements and routines. Having a careplan means that clear instructions are in place from the very beginning of care, ensuring that all aspects of the client’s needs and wants have been taken into account.

A detailed careplan means that a carer is best able to support your loved one physically, emotionally and socially. It also provides consistency of care for your loved one in the event of switching carers, such as during respite breaks for your main carer.


Why is a careplan considered a ‘living document’?

Behind every careplan is an individual with a unique set of needs. Over time, their requirements, wishes and preferences are likely to change. A living document is one which is constantly being updated and revised as the circumstances change. We will regularly review your loved one’s careplan with you to ensure that it continues to provide the best and most appropriate level of care.

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