Live-In care costs

The cost of Devoted Live-In care is less than you’d think

Live-In care costs

You may be entitled to financial help

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Care finance can be the most challenging part of arranging support for a loved one and it can be difficult to find the answers to questions that you will have. Our founder Geoff talks about some of the key areas of care finance and where to find more information about them.

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Devoted Live-in Care makes staying at home more affordable

Carehome costs have risen significantly in the last 10 years with residential care-home costs skyrocketing due to the increased costs of providing support and the cost of property.

Luxury care home


per week

Mid-range care home


per week

Basic care home


per week

There is another way

Whilst costs have increased, almost all families prefer for their loved ones to stay in their own home if at all possible. The Covid 19 situation has led to many care-home residents spending long periods of time in their room without mental stimulation or visits from family, Devoted are keen to change that.

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You could be entitled to funding support

When you are thinking about care for yourself or a loved one, finance is one of the first and most important questions that arises. Care can be expensive and understanding all your options is an important first step.

Local authority

Local authority

Some families are entitled to support from their council or Local Authority. Funding is either in the format of care delivered through their preferred suppliers or Direct Payments where you can make the decisions on who provides care.


Continuing healthcare

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is funded by the NHS to ensure that people with complex care needs who are living at home get the right level of support. CHC is available to every family as it is not means tested, but does require an eligibility assessment.



For many families, their home is the only available source of funds to pay for care. Lifetime mortgages enable you to unlock funds without selling the house, however they are complicated and should only be taken out with suitable advice.


Personal funds

Even if your loved one is entitled to financial support, this may not cover all of the care costs for certain services. Families can provide additional funds or Top-up to cover the gap, ensuring they get the care that is right for them.

One simple weekly price

We believe in a fairly priced service that ensures our Carers gets paid a living wage and families avoid having to pay inflated carehome fees.







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Couple Care

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Personal Care Check   Check   Check
Companionship Check   Check   Check
Home care Check   Check   Check
Dementia care Check   Check   Check
Complex care e.g. peg feeding     Check   Check
Couple Care         Check

Couple Care Short term Respite care available from 1 week – call us to find out more

There are many hidden costs when opting for a carehome provision

  • Continued costs when your loved one is in hospital
  • Their house will be used to fund their care
  • Annual increases – above the rate of inflation
  • Non-refundable registration fees
  • Top up fees
  • Health assessment fees


These costs are avoided with Live-in Care. Ready to discuss live-in care for your loved one?

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Home is where the heart is

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