Carers Week

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Carer this Carers Week

Posted 1st June 2023

Carers Week is between the 5th – 11th June. The annual campaign aims to raise awareness of caring, highlighting the fantastic contribution carers make to UK families and communities, as well as shining a light on the challenges that unpaid carers face. 
Thousands of individuals and organisations across the UK bring this campaign to life each year, by running activities, providing carers with the support they need, and highlighting the essential role they play. 
Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many British people took on new responsibilities to care for their family members and friends in need of support. This, combined with the added stress of the cost-of-living crisis, has increased the financial difficulties for many carers across the country. 
Furthermore, as many carers look after loved ones, it can have a negative impact on relationships. These are just a few of the reasons why carers should be valued, appreciated, and recognised for the vital things they do. To coincide with this important awareness week, here are seven ways you can celebrate your carer this month.
Create a playlist of relaxing songs 
After a long day, there’s nothing better than lighting a couple of candles and listening to some gentle, soft music. This creates a peaceful environment which is what’s needed when someone is looking to unwind. A great way to show your appreciation for your carer is to create a playlist of relaxing songs, as it will help them to rebalance after a tiring day. 
Buy them a plant 
With a study finding that plants in your home can make you feel more soothed and comfortable, as well as reducing both psychological and physiological stress, a brilliant way to show your love for your carer is buying them a new plant for their home like the ones here
Treat them to a spa day
Taking the time out of our busy schedules to go to the spa isn't something we tend to do very often, which is why gifting a spa day could be a lovely way to thank your carer for all they do for you. There are many benefits that a spa day can have, such as, improving mental health, enhancing physical wellbeing, promoting better sleeping patterns, boosting confidence levels, and reducing stress, all of which can be massively affected when caring for others. 
Make them a card 
Making a card is a great way to show your carer that they are highly valued. You could get creative and handmake one, or alternatively, you could use a company such as Moonpig to create a personalised card, including photos of memories that you and your carer have shared together. Even just a small gesture like this will go a long way, because after all, it is the thought that counts. 
Have a bouquet of flowers delivered 
If mobility is an issue, then there are many amazing florists online, like Bloom & Wild that provide a free next-day service, delivering beautiful hand-tied bouquets, as well as letterbox flowers straight to your / your carer’s door. 
Write a letter / poem 

Putting pen to paper is a thoughtful and sentimental way to show your carer how much they mean to you. You could simply write a letter about how much their support helps you, or if you are feeling a little more creative, why not write a poem about them and the moments you have shared together? It will be something that your carer will treasure forever. 
Have some cupcakes made 

If your carer has a bit of a sweet tooth, then ordering some yummy cupcakes could be the way to go. Candy’s Cupcakes offers a range of toppings from chocolate to retro sweets and edible photos to messages. They provide a next-day delivery service and also cater for food allergies and intolerances. 
Carers across the country do a remarkable job for communities and families, and their dedication and hard work should be recognised every day. Celebrating your carer this Carer’s Week should be a priority, to not only make them feel appreciated and valued, but also to create a deeper bond between you. With the current cost-of-living, there are ideas above to suit different budgets. The aim is to simply let your carer know that you have thought about them this Carer’s Week. 

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